Why join our expert IT team?

Join our expert IT team

"I’m so excited about technology here at Balfour Beatty that I wanted to tell you about it myself." Jon Ozanne, Director of IT 

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The opportunities here just couldn’t be bigger. Construction itself is ripe for digitalisation, and the gains to be made in terms of productivity, safety and quality are immense. We’re working with some fascinatingly innovative partners to make them. As a team, we’re being asked to drive serious and lasting transformation across the whole of Balfour Beatty. We’ve spent quite a few years getting the basics right. The foundations are there, and the investment is too. So now it’s a matter of really kicking on.

What’s the site of the future going to be like? How can we tailor the biggest ideas in technology to the needs of all of our people? How do we lead our industry, and then keep on leading? These are the kind of questions we’re tackling right now. And I think you’d have an incredible time answering them with us. I honestly believe you won’t find a better business, or industry, to try new things and develop your skillset. You’ll be working with bright, ambitious people who are open to disruption and new ideas. And you’ll get to see your thinking turn into huge projects.

If you love technology as much as we do, and are as excited as we are about seeing how far you could take it, we should talk.